Contemporary vs Traditional Garden Ideas – Secrets of 11 Fascinating Styles


Gardens, like art, are a reflection of our innermost desires and aesthetics. Every gardener possesses a unique vision for their outdoor haven, which is why there’s a myriad of gardening styles that cater to diverse tastes. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek lines of contemporary garden ideas or the timeless charm of traditional garden ideas, there’s a style for everyone. In this blog, we’ll delve into the secrets of 13 captivating gardening styles, offering insights, inspiration, and advice on how to bring your dream garden to life. Head to the Contact Us page to find out more.


English Cottage Garden

The English Cottage Garden style is a picturesque and informal design that sits within the realms of traditional garden ideas and is reminiscent of the countryside. It blends a profusion of flowers, herbs, and often includes elements like picket fences, arbours, and winding pathways. The main components that make up this garden are an abundance of flowers, mixed planting, informal layout and traditional materials. To achieve this garden style you need to opt for a mix of perennials, roses, and climbing plants. Plant in drifts, creating a relaxed, natural look. Head to the Contact Us page to find out more.

traditional garden design


Japanese Zen Garden

These are serene, minimalist spaces that aim to create harmony and tranquillity. They typically include gravel or sand raked into patterns, balanced rocks, and carefully pruned trees. The main qualities that make up this garden are simplicity, stone elements, water features, and potentially meditation areas. You can achieve this style of garden by using gravel to represent water and by arranging rocks strategically. Choose carefully pruned trees and shrubs for a tranquil atmosphere. This type of garden leans more towards contemporary garden ideas.

traditional garden design


Mediterranean Garden

These take inspiration from the sun-drenched regions of southern Europe. They feature aromatic herbs, vibrant flowers, and terracotta pots, and often include elements like fountains and tiled courtyards. The main attributes that go into a Mediterranean Garden are; terracotta tiles and pots, drought-tolerant plants, aromatic herbs and a warm colour palette. By selecting drought-resistant plants like lavender, rosemary, and bougainvillaea you can achieve this style which adheres to more contemporary garden ideas.

contemporary garden design


Contemporary Garden

Contemporary gardens are as they sound, all about contemporary garden ideas. This includes sleek lines, minimalism and often incorporates cutting-edge materials. They focus on clean design and a sense of open space. Minimalistic materials, modern materials, geometric design, and outdoor living areas are the main components of this garden style. By embracing a simple layout with clean lines and incorporating modern materials like steel and concrete you can achieve this look in your garden. Head to the Contact Us page to find out more.

 Contemporary garden


Traditional Garden

Traditional gardens exude timeless charm and are full of traditional garden ideas. They often reference historical garden designs. They can include elements like symmetrical layouts, ornate features, and classic plant choices. Symmetry, classic materials, heirloom plants and formal designs are a must-have when trying to design a garden with this style in mind. Opting for classic plant varieties and symmetrical layouts and adding traditional elements like a pergola or classic statuary can be described as traditional garden ideas and will help you achieve this very specific garden style. Head to the Contact Us page to find out more.

Traditional garden design

Desert Garden

These gardens take inspiration from arid landscapes and focus on drought-tolerant plants. Commonly featured plants include succulents and cacti. Rocks can also be used to create this low-maintenance oasis. The main components that are a necessity when creating this garden style are succulents, rocks, drought-resistant plants, and minimal irrigation. Although some deserts have been around for millions of years and this garden type is stylised on those, surprisingly this garden is deemed to be made up of more contemporary garden ideas than traditional.

Desert garden


Tropical Garden

This type of garden evokes lush, exotic landscapes with large, bold leaves, vibrant flowers, and dramatic foliage. They aim to recreate the feel of the tropics and lean on the use of more contemporary garden ideas. The main necessities are bold flowers, dramatic foliage, and large-leaved exotic plants. Achieve this style by choosing tropical plants like banana trees, elephant ears, and hibiscus. This will create a lush and leafy atmosphere within your garden.

 Tropical garden


Native Plant Garden

The focus of this style is on using indigenous plant species to support local ecosystems and wildlife. This garden style should be eco-friendly and reasonably low-maintenance. There are some fundamental features that your garden must have to adhere to this particular garden style and they include indigenous plants, wildlife support and an eco-friendly design. You can achieve this haven for wildlife by researching native plants in your area and designing your garden so that it invites nature in. Those who wish to have this garden style may want to use both contemporary and traditional garden ideas so that they can effectively support wildlife. Head to the Contact Us page to find out more.

traditional garden design


Alpine Garden

This style incorporates rocky outcrops and alpine plants to create a natural, mountainous landscape. Must-haves are rocks, alpine plants, natural layout, and elevated areas. You can use natural stone and position alpine plants strategically. This creates varying elevations for a mountainous feel. Contemporary garden ideas are the basis upon which this garden style sits.

Contemporary garden design


Coastal Garden

These gardens take inspiration from the nearby sea and embrace the serene and breezy ambience of coastal living. They often feature a mix of native coastal plants, dunes, and driftwood elements. Native coastal plants, sandy and well-drained soil and seaside elements need to be included to support this garden style. You can start by choosing plants that thrive in the coastal environment, like sea lavender, beach grass, and dune lilies. Incorporate natural materials such as driftwood, seashells, and stones in your design. Don’t forget to create windbreaks or natural barriers to protect against strong coastal winds. Although this garden style is based on a traditional UK setting, its components come from contemporary garden ideas.

 Contemporary and traditional garden ideas


Water Garden

These focus on water elements as the main attraction, including ponds, waterfalls, and aquatic plants. They offer a serene and aquatic ambience. You need to build a pond or water feature as the central element to achieve this style and one of many contemporary garden ideas. Add aquatic plants for a tranquil atmosphere and as oxygenators so that wildlife can thrive.

Traditional garden design



No matter your taste, there’s a gardening style that can turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary. Whether you’re drawn to the relaxed charm of English Cottage Gardens, the tranquil simplicity of Japanese Zen Gardens, or the elegance of Traditional Gardens, you have the power to bring your garden dreams to life. With a mix of contemporary garden ideas and traditional garden ideas, you can embark on a journey of garden design and create a space that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle. So, unlock the secrets of these fascinating gardening styles and transform your garden into a masterpiece that’s distinctly you. Head to the Contact Us page to find out more.




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