About us

Unearthing the spirit and dedication that’s shaped our journey.

Our story

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea – to craft gardens in which homeowners can take pride. As our reputation for excellence has grown, so has our team. We have continued to bring like-minded individuals on board, each sharing the same enthusiasm for creating outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Today, NGS stands as a collective force of dedicated experts and landscape gardeners who understand that the true artistry of landscape design lies in the details. We believe that your outdoor space is more than just a patch of land; it’s a canvas of endless possibilities, waiting to be transformed into your personal oasis.

Landscape design and installation

At NGS, we offer an unparalleled service, crafting unique, personalised garden designs that set us apart from our competitors. Our landscape gardeners work closely with you to create outdoor spaces that reflect your style.

At NGS, you’re not just a client; you’re a partner in creating an extraordinary garden experience. Discover the difference our landscape gardener’s expertise can make and let us transform your space into something exceptional.

Meet the heart behind the hard work

Garden transformations require more than just tools; they rely equally on the skill and dedication of a hard-working team of landscape gardeners.

Get to know us!

We’re a dedicated team that prioritises our clients. Let’s build a connection as we embark on this journey together.

Meet our director Josh


The man with a plan and the force behind the NGS machine, Josh our founder and director.

Sarah landscape gardener
H&S Co-ordinator


An enthusiastic individual and a tireless worker, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for H&S.

rob one of our senior landscape gardeners
Senior Landscaper


The head of our finishing team, Rob takes great care in everything he does.

Trainee Designer and Garden Landscaper
Trainee Garden Designer


A multi-talented and hard-working individual, also the one who wrote these descriptions.

Ryan one of our general landscape gardeners
General Landscaper


Here’s our latest recruit, this individual is full of potential and has slotted nicely into our team.

Meet Andy our landscape joiner and carpenter
Joiner and Carpenter


Andy is a lively individual and is in charge of creating our bespoke garden features.

Meet Liam one of our general landscape gardeners
General Landscaper


Liam is a seasoned excavation expert and a man truly at one with the digger.

josh one of our general landscape gardeners
General Landscaper


Josh is a hard-working individual and is adept at presenting high-quality work.

Meet Josh another one of our general landscape gardeners
General Landscaper


Our newest employee and already a diligent contributor to our groundwork team.

Meet Daryl one of our general landscape gardeners
General Landscaper


With a passion for planting, this Viking-loving team member isn’t afraid to get stuck in.


Landscape gardeners can vary in cost, at NGS we don’t overcharge our customers for the service we provide. However, we believe that we must provide our clients with the best materials so these can prove costly if chosen.

We do offer less expensive materials too and are transparent in the way that we work. It is important to us that we provide our clients with the best service so that they feel as though they spent their money well and have a beautiful garden as a consequence.

Becoming a landscape gardener is a rewarding journey that offers countless benefits. You have the unique opportunity to shape and enhance the world around you.

Your work doesn’t just involve plants and design; it encompasses the art of turning outdoor spaces into havens of beauty and functionality.

You will be an architect of nature, weaving your creativity into residential and commercial landscapes alike.

Landscape gardeners typically charge based on the scope and complexity of the project, the location, the materials used, and the specific services required.

A simple garden design or maintenance task may have a different pricing structure compared to a comprehensive landscaping project that involves extensive hardscaping, plantings, and ongoing maintenance.

To determine the exact cost, it’s advisable to consult with a landscaper directly, as they can provide detailed estimates tailored to your unique needs and the specifications of your project.

To embark on this as a career, you’ll need a combination of education, practical experience, and a deep passion for working with outdoor spaces.

Many landscape gardeners start by pursuing formal education in horticulture, landscape design, or a related field to gain foundational knowledge.

Additionally, hands-on experience through internships or apprenticeships with established landscapers is invaluable.

At NGS, we take pride in being qualified landscape gardeners with a dedication to transforming outdoor spaces into stunning, functional landscapes. We offer valuable insights and guidance, helping individuals make informed decisions about their landscape projects.

When it comes to finding qualified individuals for on-site services, we recommend seeking local professionals to ensure that your specific project needs are met by experts who understand the unique environmental and design requirements of your area.