Landscaping design in Norfolk

Transform your outdoor space with expert landscaping design in Norfolk.

Discover the beauty of landscape design

Our dedicated and skilled designers are committed to creating landscapes that not only boost the visual allure of your property but also capture the distinctive essence of your personality.

Whether your heart yearns for the serenity of a coastal-inspired paradise, the tranquillity of a lush garden sanctuary, or the contemporary sophistication of an urban escape, our landscaping designs in Norfolk are intricately customised to make your dreams a reality.

Creating art through collaboration

At the intersection of diverse perspectives and boundless imagination, true art comes to life. Collaboration is the heartbeat of creativity.

Thorough consultations

This is where our designers get to know you better so that together we can build beautiful landscaping design in Norfolk.

Project management

Our designers prefer and install a hands-on approach and will oversee your garden project, from concept to completion.

It’s your vision

When our work is done we want you to be happy with the finished result, which is why we take care in listening to your desires.

Landscaping design in Norfolk
Landscaping Design Norfolk

Ingenuity, innovation and beauty

Every project is guided by a harmonious blend of ingenuity, innovation, and beauty. These core elements serve as the cornerstone of our garden landscaping design in Norfolk.


We push the boundaries of creativity to manifest your ambitions. We aim to exceed the expectations of landscaping design in Norfolk.


In the world of landscaping design in Norfolk, we remain at the forefront of evolving landscaping trends, embracing different styles and practices.


We understand the importance of balance, colour, texture, and seasonal interest. It's about turning your garden into a living work of art.

Standout landscaping design in Norfolk

Our landscaping design in Norfolk stands out because it combines creativity, local expertise, and a deep commitment to our clients’ visions.

We integrate design principles

Unity and balance are just two of the principles we endeavour to include within all of our gardens, the result is beautifully crafted landscaping design in Norfolk.

Fluid in different garden styles

Whether your heart is set on a charming cottage garden, an exotic paradise, or a classic English garden, our designers have you covered.

Masters of botanical curation

Our experts possess exceptional skills for plant selection, transforming gardens into vibrant tapestries of colours, textures, and fragrances.

Landscaping design in Norfolk

Landscaping services in Norfolk gallery

Our gallery is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every project we undertake.


NGS, a premier name in landscaping design in Norfolk, we understand that garden design is an art where styles vary as much as the blooms in spring. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of a cottage garden, the tranquil zen of a Japanese garden, the vibrant hues of a Mediterranean garden, or the timeless elegance of a traditional English garden, our team has the expertise to craft your dream garden.

If you’re curious to explore these styles further, our blog article, offers valuable insights on these design approaches and more. Discover your ideal garden style and transform your outdoor space with us today. Visit our blog to read more!

We’re dedicated to catering to the unique needs and spaces of all homeowners in Norfolk, regardless of the size of their property. We take great pride in our ability to design and create enchanting landscapes for small houses.

Our landscaping design in Norfolk is not limited by the scale; rather, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate our creative expertise and transform even the cosiest of spaces into a haven of beauty and functionality.

NGS takes immense pride in offering landscaping design in Norfolk that harmoniously coexists with the local wildlife. We understand the importance of creating a nurturing environment for both your garden and the creatures that call it home.

Our team is well-versed in incorporating wildlife-friendly elements into your garden design, such as native plants, bird feeders, bee and butterfly-friendly blooms. Your desire for a wildlife-friendly garden is not just our commitment; it’s our passion.

Absolutely! Garden design is an art that transcends the conventional use of lawns. In fact, many modern garden designs, including xeriscaping, rock gardens, and native plant landscapes, embrace the idea of a lawn-free garden.

At NGS, we specialise in landscaping design in Norfolk that caters to a diverse range of styles and preferences.

We offer landscaping garden design in Norfolk for a variety of settings, including restaurants. Our team understands the significance of creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that complements the dining experience.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the ambience of an outdoor dining area, establish a captivating entrance, or transform your restaurant’s surroundings into an oasis for patrons, our expert garden designers can bring your vision to life.