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Reinvent your garden with expert landscaping services in Norfolk.

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Welcome to NGS, your trusted destination for landscaping services. Our passion is to craft outdoor spaces that evoke beauty, functionality, and lasting memories. With a commitment to excellence and a wealth of experience, NGS offers a comprehensive range of landscape services designed to transform your outdoor dreams into vibrant reality.

Landscaping Services Norfolk

We offer diverse landscaping services

Our commitment to enhancing outdoor spaces is reflected in our diverse landscaping services in Norfolk.
Bespoke garden features

Tailored to your unique vision, these handcrafted elements bring a touch of personalisation and artistry to your garden.

Patios, paving & driveways

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with our patios, paving and driveways as part of our landscaping services.

Fencing & bricklaying

Our team is dedicated to crafting robust and attractive solutions that not only define your space but also provide privacy.

Not satisfied yet?

Rest assured, our commitment to landscaping services in Norfolk goes beyond what we’ve already mentioned.


We masterfully craft decks that seamlessly blend with your landscape, thanks to our expert wood knowledge, creating the perfect outdoor space.

Outdoor electrics

Our on-hand electrician ensures your space is both beautiful and fully functional, just another bonus of our services

Irrigation systems

We provide intelligently engineered irrigation systems, where precision meets conservation, ensuring lush landscapes without a drop wasted.

Landscaping Services Norfolk

Why choose us?

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a commitment to excellence to every project.

Quality workmanship

We take immense pride in our quality workmanship and deliver excellence as a part of our landscaping services in Norfolk.

Transparent pricing

We offer open and honest communication when it comes to financial aspects. With detailed pricing structures and no hidden fees.

High-quality materials

In our landscaping services in Norfolk, quality materials are the bedrock of our projects, ensuring the lasting allure of your garden.

Landscaping Services Norfolk

Landscaping services in Norfolk gallery

Our gallery is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every project we undertake.


Landscaping your garden can be rewarding, but it often involves heavy machinery and expertise. While some homeowners may consider a DIY approach, there are compelling reasons to opt for professional landscaping services in Norfolk.

Heavy machinery, like excavators and grading equipment, is often needed for tasks such as leveling terrain and installing irrigation systems. Operating these machines safely requires specialised skills, a strength of our NGS team. We prioritise safety, ensuring efficient and secure project completion.

Renting equipment can quickly become costly, factoring in fees, transportation, and potential damage. NGS offers a cost-effective solution with readily available equipment and expert operators.

Hard landscaping a garden involves transforming the structural elements of your outdoor space, creating a foundation for its overall design. It encompasses tasks such as laying patios, building walls, erecting fences, and installing features like decking or pathways.

These structural components form the backbone of your garden’s aesthetics and functionality. At NGS, our landscaping services in Norfolk encompass a wide range of hard landscaping expertise. We work closely with our clients to plan, design, and execute these structural elements, using quality materials and precision to ensure your garden not only looks beautiful but also serves your needs effectively.

Whether you’re looking to create a serene patio space or define your garden with elegant walls and fences, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life, turning your garden into an outdoor masterpiece.

Absolutely, our landscaping services in Norfolk encompass a wide array of garden landscaping options, including the use of sleepers. Sleepers can add a rustic and natural charm to your garden, and we have the expertise to incorporate them seamlessly into your landscaping project.

Whether you envision raised beds, steps, or retaining walls, our team at NGS can skillfully design and implement sleeper features that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space. We take pride in offering diverse solutions to bring your garden dreams to life, ensuring that every element is crafted with precision and creativity.

Our landscaping services in Norfolk encompass the use of rocks in garden landscaping. Rocks can introduce texture, contrast, and a natural feel to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create rock gardens, pathways, or decorative rock features, we have the expertise to incorporate rocks seamlessly into your landscape design.

Our team at NGS is skilled in selecting the right rocks and placing them artistically to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your garden. We’re dedicated to offering a variety of options to bring your garden vision to life, ensuring that every element is thoughtfully designed and expertly executed.

Landscaping a garden on a budget is possible, but it’s crucial to approach it with a clear understanding. While you may find cost-effective materials and options, it’s important to be cautious when cutting corners, as doing things too cheaply may compromise safety and quality.

At NGS, we understand the value of budget-conscious landscaping services in Norfolk. We work closely with clients to find cost-effective solutions without compromising safety and quality. This might involve using more affordable materials, reusing existing features, or opting for simpler designs.

By choosing NGS, you can trust that we’ll help you strike a balance between cost and quality, ensuring your garden project is not only budget-friendly but also safe and beautiful.